SPANA - current SPANA and AWPO development cooperation since 2019 to date. Currently under Partnership with a Project from year 2022 to 2024 to improve the lives of working animals and the livelihoods of their dependent largely poor communities in the Mt Elgon and North Eastern Regions of Uganda with the outputs below:

- Conducting baseline surveys on: animal welfare; the cruel slaughter of working donkeys for trade in the skins and humane care education in schools,
- Advocating for national policy reforms to improve the animal welfare and productivity of working animal welfare to especially benefit the poor dependent user communities,

- Awareness creation to improve the lives and productivity of working animals as a way of also improving the livelihoods of the largely poor animal user communities in isolated, not easy to reach and not easy to work in regions by veterinary services and other social service,

- Humane care education using Animal Welfare Clubs in primary schools to change mindsets for children to respect and be kind to: themselves,; to other people; to animals and the environment,

- Using mobile working donkey clinics to: examine; provide veterinary advice and treatment free of cost to animals of the poor dependent communities,

- Capacity building for local communities in the strategic districts in Mt Elgon and the North Eastern Regions of Karamoja to form Donkey Users Associations to network, improve donkey welfare and take local actions to mitigate on the cruel: sells, slaughter and depopulation of working donkeys for just trade in their skins in the country.

SAMPLE PICTURES DURING SPANA and AWPO Partnership activities