We provide voluntary / non-profit making services to reduce unnecessary pain and suffering by improving compassion and kindness to animals through advocacy. Advocacy here involves: multi-media population awareness creation; improving education – training – skills – competences of stakeholders on kindness to animals and use of outreach services. 

Outreach services here are mainly issued to animals which belong to the vulnerable / disadvantaged communities. Such services include: provision of primary animal health and animal welfare care; animal population control by neutering (spaying, castration); other surgical and non-surgical (chemical) methods and rescue of animals abandoned - stray - homeless or animals involved in man-made and natural emergencies by providing shelter - care - protection. We also put to painless permanent sleep (euthanasia) of animals who prognosis is hopeless to save them from further unnecessary pain and suffering.

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To reduce pain and suffering in animals by improving: kindness – compassion – love and humane treatment and care of animals by man


SPANA and AWPO have partnered to “improve the lives of working donkeys among the poorest  communities" by provision of technical support for staff to enable outreach.

Animal Aid Abroad (AAA) Australia has partnered with AWPO to improve the health of working donkeys and the lives of their poor households by providing animal medicines


Primary school goers; veterinary workers; the poor owners and communities made aware and trained by AWPO to care and be kind to animals for improved health and productivity. Free of cost MOBILE ANIMAL CLINICS used to examine and treat working donkeys in: Sironko; Bulambuli; Kapchorwa and Bukwo Districts. Schools formed ANIMAL WELFARE CLUBS to enable permanent: respect and kindness to animals. COVID-19 directives and guidelines were in use. AWPO is grateful to the: AAA – Australia and SPANA – UK Partners.