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Animal Welfare and Protection Organization (AWPO) as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) is registered by the NGO Board of Uganda Government - Registration Number: 13184. It is non-profit making, voluntary and charity based. Government policy permits Civil Society Organizations such as AWPO to perform certain functions in their respective Sectors especially where there is a gap in service delivery. Clearly, there is a gap in the recognition, appreciation of the situation and delivery of mandatory services related to: kindness to animals / animal welfare / animal wellbeing in Uganda with cruelty or abuse increasing by the day especially as commercialism picks up in the animal industry.

AWPO strategically uses advocacy through; sustainable awareness creation among the public on animal welfare and its benefits; impart knowledge – training – skills competences on stakeholders along the entire livestock value chain on kindness – love – compassion – humane treatment/ care and handling of animals. Simultaneously with the above strategies - outreach services are given especially to vulnerable / disadvantage animal farming households free of charge to guide – demonstrate and take actions in the field to correct defects or variances in animal welfare and its associated animal health so as to elicit maximum potential of animal health and productivity without abusing animals. Outreach includes evaluation of actual animal welfare status; investigations, treatment, vaccinations, surgery, neutering (castration, & spaying),provision of shelters and their use and euthanasia where applicable 

While doing the above, AWPO aims at addressing the international 5 Animal Freedoms (5fs) on: thirst and hunger; comfort; pain-injury-disease; fear and distress and expression of natural behavior. AWPO also advocates for man – animal – environment relationship of standing together for a common destiny that will enable attainment of the United Nation’s (UN) Sustainable Development Agenda (SDA) and its Goals. AWPO’s Vision is: “Kindness to animals is health and wealth to the households” while its Goal is “to reduce unnecessary pain and suffering to all types of animals and improve: animal health – animal productivity – human health and wealth creation”. AWPO is managed by a Board of Directors with external and local expertise on animal welfare / animal health and research